3G is one of Canada’s leading solar energy services providers. We have developed over 25 Megawatts of commercial solar solutions for the public sector, institutional investors as well as commercial property owners. That’s enough power to light over 25,000 homes. Our services include everything from site selection and planning to bank financing and installation.

3G are experts on the Ontario Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) Program, which can help pay for a variety of renewable energy projects with long-term electricity contracts. Contact 3G for more information.

What is Solar Power?
Solar energy can be used in many ways – to provide heat, lighting, mechanical power and electricity. Sunlight is converted to electricity using photovoltaic (PV) solar cells. PV cells are usually bundled together in modules or panels to produce higher voltages and increased power. The cells are semiconductor devices, usually made of silicon, which contain no liquids, corrosive chemicals or moving parts. The PV panels require little maintenance, emit no pollution and operate silently, making photovoltaic energy one of the cleanest and safest methods of power generation. And they will last for decades.

We source equipment from the world’s leading suppliers who back their products with the best warranties in the industry.

Kingston Airport Solar System

10 KW MicroFIT System on the Kingston Airport Terminal Building

Commercial Rooftop Solar Solutions

  • Your roof could be making you money. Investing in a solar panel system on your building’s roof could earn you as much as 50  cents per square foot per year under Ontario Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) Program. A rooftop system can also help you obtain LEED certification. Plus, a solar system will increase your curb appeal to green tenants making your building more attractive and desirable.
  • Installation of a rooftop solar system is quick, safe and durable. Many systems are self-ballasted and require no membrane penetration, while others require mechanical attachment through the roof membrane to maintain the structural integrity of the roof. Either way, it’s important to deal with a dependable company that understands the complexity of rooftop installations. Solar equipment can be deployed at up to 6 watts per-square-foot depending on the layout of the roof. On most buildings modular construction makes installation fast and easy. The system is also easy to remove to facilitate roof maintenance.

Morgan Solar Savanna Dual Axis Tracker

Simplicity and Reliability

Ground Mount Solar Solutions

  • Looking for income from an empty piece of land? Depending on the land and the solar project you choose, 3G could show you how to earn as much as $7,000 a year under the Ontario Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) Program. 3G’s has access to ground mount solar racking technology that can yield you the best results, including the unique Lockheed Martin TRT Tilt Axis Roll tracker, or the Morgan Solar Savanna Dual Axis tracker system, or the Can-Track™ single axis  tracking array, each designed for the MicroFIT market in Ontario as well as particular off-grid environments . The Lockheed Martin TRT system is well suited for rugged off-grid situations, as its heritage is military command post power needs, whereas the Morgan Solar Savanna system is designed for the next generation PV light guide conversion technology that is expected to dramatically change the cost & energy yield curves in the next few years. 3G offers turnkey solutions including FIT application, permitting, installation, electrical hook-up and inspection.

Key advantages of a 3G solar solution

  • Abundant energy source
  • Income generator
  • Rooftop or ground mount options
  • Easy installation
  • Financing available
  • Warranty
  • Turnkey installation available